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New members - Introduce yourself!

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Have you just joined our community? Then take a couple of minutes to introduce yourself to our other members! What are you doing in France? What are you looking for in the community? And what are your ideas of how we can improve the France community?

We hope you enjoy the Just Landed as much as we do. Good luck in France!

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  • Valentina Caldas

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    I live in Annecy
    is hard to maike friends here, is very close circle of friends always and if u are from somewere else , they see you just like a tourist and is very dificult to meet friends :( so if anyone lives around here let me know lol....

  • Valentina Caldas

    hello Adam

    publicado por  Valentina Caldas en Foro de Francia 

    so how are u liking Paris? I lived in Dublin before, and I think the weather in Paris is very similar this month to Dublin rainny lol.... what is the thing thats is more shoking or different in Paris for you?
    I live in Annecy :)

  • Ir al perfil de sophie perryment

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    hello i was wondering if you had any luck with moving to france yet? Im a 28 yrs old and from England, currently working just out side of Paris, my french is not very good yet, but if i can do anything to help let me know!

  • community

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    Hi everybody.
    I'm planning to travel to France next year. For now I'm doing some research, I'd like to know more about the prices in France (food, travel, etc), and also some information about art schools.
    Anyway, I'm here now and I'd like to know people from other countries and make friends.

    Best wishes for all. ;)

  • Jean McGrade

    hi there!

    publicado por  Jean McGrade en Foro de Francia 

    Hello everybody!

    I'm Jean, living in UK for the moment but considering moving to france because of the professional duties. Nice to see you all here!

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    hey all i am moving to the brittany area of france in august to be an au pair and just wondering if there is anyone on here that fancies a meet up when i arrive as i know knowone and am looking to make new friends! :)
    I am living in cardiff at the moment but cant wait to arrive in france!
    also could anyone give me a little info about the area...i am going to be living near brest and hav seen all the tourist info but need some first hand experience! :D
    thanks for reading!

  • Ir al perfil de Howard Farmer

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    Property just outside of Perpignan - just love the department!



    publicado por  LILUOSH LILUOSH en Foro de Francia 

    where do u live in paris? its intresting for me also to find in this country friends

  • Alex S


    publicado por  Alex S en Foro de Francia 

    Hey everyone, I'm Alex from Argentina. I'm moving to France in late January to take a professional specialization, so I would like to keep in touch with people who live in France. By the way, I need to improve my french level, so it would be amazing meeting francophones. Thank you!

  • saranya devi


    publicado por  saranya devi en Foro de Francia 

    hi all

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