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What do you like / hate most about the French?

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As a French girl myself, I'm interested in what people from other countries think about us ;)

So: What do you like (or hate) most about French people?

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    I visited France only once. So, I have nothing fav till date.

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    Hi all of you
    I’m reacting the fact that some of you believe French don't want to speak in English
    ( and are rude , and are .... all what you use to say)
    I don't think that is true

    The 1st thing to say is that, it can happened .... but not that often .... we also have stupid idiot, like anywhere else !

    The 2nd thing, that is very important, is to know that there are 65 millions French people, and about 80 millions tourists people visiting France every year ....
    That's mean in a street, (and specially in Paris), you have more chance to meet people that are not French.

    The 3rd thing to say is that English is not the international language ... this is the international language for trading.
    French is the international language for diplomacy ... it's mean, it should be the international language for people to met...
    Personally, i don't care, because the most important is that people can talk together, but in theory, everyone should speak French....

    The 4th think is that, in every country, people appreciate when you have have learn to say " hello", Do you speak English"... in they own language.... (I'm traveling a lot, and i use do learn the 5/6 words/sentences, that showing i 've interest for the culture i'm visiting, and that i'm the one that have to adapt myself to that country)
    I promise you, it change EVERYTHING
    People don't expect you to be fluent in the language of the country you are visiting, but they appreciate the fact that you are trying ....
    and maybe they wishing more from English native, because (unfortunately) those last believe everybody MUST speak English
    Sorry, but not all the people have to speak English .... only the one that are traveling, and have to manage with foreigners...
    It's better if all of them could, but it is not the case...
    Always remember when you are visiting a foreign country that most of people don't need you !

    The 6th thing to think about is that if you have access to all those people complaining about the French, you don't have access to all the bad behavior French people have to deal with some foreigners
    And to be honest, most of French people don't speak about it
    I live in Paris, and i could told you about American, brits, ... that have been very rude.... anyway, people from everywhere can .
    but i won't, because, i believe that each time you are starting a sentence with "THE", you are going to say something wrong.... it's better starting a sentence with "SOME"...

    The 7 thing i want to say, is that, life is like where you driving your car .... You always remember the few number of idiots, but you never remember the 99% that are not

    The 8th thing i wish to tell you, is that French are not that comfortable with English speaking .... They are just few of them than can, if they are old, and most of French people have a scholar basic level of English.
    So they are the one that can't really speak, the one that wish but are shame not to .....

    And at last, they is the most important thing to understand
    IT IS HARD TO SPEAK A FOREIGN LANGUAGE .... as you, (most of) English native people, didn’t learn how it is hard, you don't manage how to slow down, to use simple words, you don't use to take care of your accent (that make some English native unable to understand each other) .... Most of you swallowing, mumbling, using slang, local expressions ....
    MOST OF YOU DON'T EVEN TRY TO MAKE THE EFFORT TO BE UNDERSTOOD, not because you are a bad person, but only because you are watching things your side !
    As exemple, iI understand correctly Americans, Aussie ...... but i'm always in trouble with the Brits, Irish, ....

    So please, try to get out of the box
    Don't judge people about nationality
    Remember that they are people that are in a rush, or in a bad mood that day, as you can be
    Remember also that most of the time; it's more a question of education rules
    Think that what is correct in one country is rude in an other one
    (in France, it is absolutely rude not to say hello, thank you, and goodbye in shops, with telephone, ....)
    Consider French as more formal when they don't know the people, witch made us looking as "cold" people ...
    But we are not.

    It's to bad you can't read or listening French medias .... Because, if my country is not perfect, they is one thing i'm sure about ....

    NOW, open your mind
    French don't hate American, or Brits, and don't critic them all the time . In fact, it is the exact opposite.
    French don't believe they are superior, and don't believe they have the best system
    They are French people that are rude, but most people are not.
    French people use to bashing themselves a lot
    French are not dirty .... That stupid cliché is coming from the 60's .... it's coming from the fact that most of people use
    "savon de Marseille" (Marseille soap, witch is considered as a washing powder, and not as a soap (despite his name )...
    so for the statistic, french where supposed to use 1 soap a year.... now you know it is bullshit!
    French army are not monkeys that surrender .... They are brave
    watch this
    and this
    about the Algerian war, French army win it .... They have lost it politicaly, because French from France were agree with the independance of algeria, witch has almost create a civilian war
    And about the falure in indochina, remember that the English name for that country is Vietnam
    I don't believe Amercan has been that succesfull

    I'm not a nationalist
    I know my country have bad side, and good side
    France is not perfect
    But if you keep, bashing us like that (for not saying shiting on us), how can you expect to be and to feel welcome ?!


    Now that all this is said, can we start now having normal relationship all togetter
    anyway, it won't vhange who I'm
    but it can help to make the word better

    Thanks reading me
    and sorry if my english is not that good


  • werner bose

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    suche freundliche nette dame. die in frankreich wohnt,cote azur oder provence-var. im eigener immobilie.
    und den mann gerne sucht für haus-garten,und auch privat.wohnen,ausgehen, und vieles mehr. werner

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    hi i'm new here, i recently met a french man who married my wifes niece, he seemed quite nice but three weeks after the wedding in thailand(she was thai)she was killed in an accident,after an argument with her new husband,
    and although he was yards away from her he niether went to her aid or verified her status.

    he flew back to france the next day and made no attempt to conact her family
    or answer their calls untill four days later,
    the day of her funeral when he asked for a copy of the death certificate and her passport + i d to be forwarded to france for him,
    there was other what i would call strange circumstances that came to light in the aftermath of her death. but i would like peoples opinion of his actions, because we still don't know/understand why he deserted her in her last moments. thanks.

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    I like France

    publicado por  Angela Dib en Foro de Francia 

    1) I love the organic food.
    You can easily find it in any supermarket. And also some fish and meat have a label that certifies that this animal was not fed with transgenic food.

    2) Cheese variety. Rocamadeur, Saint Felicien, COMPTE, Reblochon (for cooking Tartinflette), Beaufort, Tomme, ....

    1) French people are a bit serious. It must be because of the weather, always grey and you can almost never see the sun in winter. And if you bump into someone, they will remain silent. (I am more used to Australia and US where people say sorry even if it is not their fault)

    2) Administration is horrible. Many times when I call for information, they do not want/like to repeat twice. The thing is that I am a foreigner, and my French is not perfect, therefore an educated person would kindly repeat twice for a foreigner, not just state that they have already explained ONCE.

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    I just started a blog about how to integrate in France.
    What I hate the most : some people are "Hautaines" looking at your from hi up.
    It just makes meeting people harder... thus all the internet sites for meeting your loved one :)

    What I like the most : Friends are true friends! Very hard to get, amazing life experience once you get them.
    No pain, no gain.

    If you want to know more the blog is in spanish and you'll get this tipe of valuable info

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    I was excited about travelling in France two years ago, it was my first travel and I was not disappointed since everything meet my expectations especially the food. Before the departure, I've been hearing that French gastronomy is divine and it was really the case , this one for example delicesandgourmandises.wordpress.com/2014/06/06/delices-gour
    mandises-cassoulet/ but there are also lots of dishes we, as stranger, need to discover such as the Chili Con Carne. I was a bit surprised because it is an American dish and they make it perfect , perfect taste and texture

  • baljinder kumar

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    franch people like a god.they help everyone who they from outside..i really thanx for franch people..god bless them

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    I agree with you Fanie, since I’ve been living in France not only I made lots of friends but also I discover the region gastronomy. I heard lots of good remarks about this brand you’re talking about “Delices & Gourmandises” I tried to order there and as expected, their products are reliable; they said that I can participated to a lottery draw freely.

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    What I really enjoyed the most during my trip in France was regional foods especially traditional one. I used to order at Delices & Gourmandises, the best in terms of ready-to-eat meals and once I come back in the UK, I still order gourmet products so that I can prepare French food myself. I also appreciate the atmosphere and the warm welcoming from friends and even from people I do not really know.

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