• It's "DO NOT" speak english.

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    Sorry Louis, but I think you should unlock your CAP LOCK key first, then go live in France before you make such statements, "High Level Hate" (maybe in the middle east) But you are so far off on the Culture. (modren) France is more 'American" than England. A good example is the McDonalds Corp. makes 32% of their profits in France, Coka Cola is right up there with a 1/3rd of their profits in France. If you were ever here you would see the prefered fashion among young people is Convers High tops, real Levis jeans, popular sports clothing with English graphics and baseball hats, Hip-hop styles,chewing gum and all global fast food corporations and most popular music and movies come from America. I think your grudge or opinion is based on your experience in your own country rather than France. As an Irishman living in France for years, it's clear to me France is loosing it's cultural independence to global corporate marketing efforts and they are happily surrendering to it.

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