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    La douce France

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    Well, from my point of view France is very similar to other countries. Normally, it,s pretty difficult to find British people who can speak Spanish; German people who can speak French or Spaniards who can speak other language than Spanish. Mainly when they are old.
    I,ve got all those experiences travelling through Europe. There was not a big problem because I can speak some English, some French, Spanish (of course) and normally I prefer to prepare my trips as well as possible (maps, some history about each country, geographical acknowledges, some idea about their way of life including food, fees at the restaurant-taxi-etc., usual timetables during the day ...). I think the best way to enjoy travelling is to get some idea from each country to compare.
    For example I,m Spanish and our way of life is very different comparing to European. There is a lot of loud in my country, many "fiestas",quite strange timetables for food or to have a drink, different weather ... lot of differences. But I can,t expect other countries must be the same as Spain. In fact, the main interest for me is that other countries, normally, are completely different. As curiosity, Ireland is very similar to Spain under my point of view and Danemark has some "mediterranean" smelt, too.
    I like France very much. Because its landscapes, quiet way of life, well educated people, similar dishes and food and because I can feel that French people is very interested into artistic matters. In fact, France is the best place for me to draw or painting. I,ve felt myself always very good there. That,s the main reason I would like to live there. And there is not a lot of distance to Spain from France.
    Well, sorry for badly English. I,m writing directly without dictionary help or previous plan. Hope you can understand what I mean.

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