• Trip to france

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    i only speak litle french. j m'appelle emma et toi? but yeah only little. i have been learning french since year sevan. as much as i dnt get the language i do think that you should at least try and speak the language when your over there. it is a useful language to learn. in year 8 i went over for a trip and spoke french where i could. although i had dicculfity telling them what i wanted tio buy (tried to say on french) i di make a effort. i was fortunate that some spoke my lanuage. but i did try and make a effort. i think if you go over to learn the language then speaking english over there aint gonna really help. the thing that i LOVE about france is the food and weather. the thing that i HATE is that i dnt get the feminem and masculin sides of it. but i do try to learn the two sides of the language

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