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    french not speaking english

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    ... Hi, just to share my experience ...

    I lived in Paris couple of years and met people of many "faces" - consider when I arrived to France I could say only Salut ...
    Anyway for the discussion - in France you meet 3 kind of people:
    1) those who know english and spoke to me english - so no comment - at the end I was foreigner trying to communicate
    2) those who didnt speak at all - however depending on the person - some tried to help - some just couldnt
    3) those who know english but refused to spoke - I guess that was a bit ignorant.

    I believe - no one should walk in to the foreign country and be ignorant thinking that only English can help. Common, does it kill to learn couple of words - carry small language dictionary and ask in the shop for "fraises" instead of ignorantly trying to convince the sales person that the red thing is called strawberry? ...
    People do get nicer and do get more friendly when one tries to speak their native language ... at the end, thats the beauty of europe - 1 hour fligh and you get different culture, different language ..

    In any case, to summarize - what I would like to say is that it is very personal. And that goes not only for French people, but anywhere in the world.

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