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    french people

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    well, we face this issue everywhere but we as forigners need to keep in mind that france will always be france. france will never be like the UK or America. Reason why young folks only speak french is because that what they grew up in. What we fail to understand as Anglophone speakers is the culture of the country we come to visit and the things we grew up in we tend to take with us as granted. French is what makes up france, with out french, france would be any different from UK or america but at the same time thats the beauty of why france is different from Uk and America. Here in america, i have to speak english because that the language i mostly speak, if a person who speaks spanish to me, even though i can speak spanish, i am bound to respond in english because its part of my lifestyle. it is the persons fault who comes to this country knowing that english is mostly used. we need to respect the countries culture or else we are bound to get a rude awakening like julia

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