• i like france...but

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    I love the country and the medical systems and human rights its fantastic but the population in general dont appreciate what they have mostly they like to complain and when you really listen to what they complain about ...they really dont know what suffering under the hand of a rulership is.
    I dont like the fact that french people are dirty and dont care about the next person ...i hate the spit and dog poo on the streets...thats blooming disgusting and no one tells ppl to pick up shit after their stupid dogs why keep a pet if you cant handle it, its like letting your baby shit on the street thats gross argh. and when you get into a tram...MOVE back other ppl want to enter stop saying pita..I DONT CARE JUST MOVE OVER eish they make me so mad. and the women are the worst of rude seriously when i move a little on the pedestrian i dont mean youre the queen im just being human either say thank you or move a little too so we can both pass. sometimes its hard for me to belive some of the annoying rude people are from this beautiful country.
    oh one last one....when talking on your celphone in the bus..keep it down we dont want to hear about your whole life in the tram seriously your stories are so embarrassing goodness me

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