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    speaking English in France

    publicado por  Karyn G en Foro de Francia 

    I was born and raised in the U.S. and I have never seen anyone try to speak Spanish with one of the many immigrants here. Americans (not all, I am sure) are often heard saying, "You come to my country, speak my language!" I am sure it is often those people who get upset when French people do not speak English in France.
    I personally love how kind and friendly French people are once you try to make an effort. I got lost in France twice and both times, after I attempted with my really poor French, both people I asked actually escorted me personally to where I needed to go! I find most French are curious about Americans. And it is not because you are foreign that French people seem cold and aloof- they treat each other the same until you get to know them, then they are so kind, fun, warm!! (I know this because I married a Frenchman.)

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