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Looking to meet new friends

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My name is Kelly. I moved from Scotland to live in Athens with my Greek boyfriend about a year ago. As much as I love living in Athens and getting to grips with the new culture and language, I am finding it really difficult to meet friends. I go out a lot with my boyfriends friends but I am really keen to make my own friends here.

I am quite a girly girl and love to shop, meet new people and visit new places. I would really like to meet like minded girls, so if you're out there then please get in touch!


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  • qinlei cheng

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    I am Chinese and now I have lived in Athens.Can learn each other language

  • Naz ..

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    I'm looking job I can do body massage face massage hair massage also house Cleaning if you have job for me so please mail me thank you. also I'm nice cooking

  • Alex Bradley

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    hey babe! I'm new too and I have a couple of hooks, I know a small number of people, by all means join me in a drink sometime if you fancy, add me on fb Alé Jandra xx

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