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Im new to the dutch culture and the country..

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Hi Everyone! :)

How have you all been? I hope good.
My name is Vladlena, but everyone calls me just Lena.
I recently moved to The Hague, so looking forward to make some new friends! :)
I am very simple, open-minded, friendly and easy going. So just text me if you want hang out.

Lena x :)

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  • Olivia Stoicescu

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    I am also new to The Hague, just moved here 2 weeks ago. If you are interested, we could grab a cup of coffee sometimes and maybe you could show me the town :)

  • Edwin Mendez

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    Hi Lena welcome to Netherlands, how is your live now? I hope very well, if you want a new friend for drink coffee sometime, will be a pleasure.

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