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Ways to learn English at home

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Oxford Spoken Institute created a history by teaching their disciples with unique ways. Today I would like to share my views on learning English quickly . Doors are opened everywhere for those who can Understand and speak English fluently whether it is a multinational company or business. You can make a jaw breaking impact on society however, some aspirants find it very difficult because they are not aware of efficient tricks and tips of learning English. Although you can learn English anywhere but how to learn it skillfully, only we can guide you regarding this, so join us and take advantage of our English experts.

So let’s talk about 5 ways to learn fluent English
Excellent knowledge of Grammar accuracy
Creation of Environment for English
How to obtain right Pronunciation
Perfect pitch of Voice and accent
Full knowledge of Parts of speech

  • Dean Mukesh

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    Ask to yourself. What is English for you? English is a language or subject for you or both. What are your requirements from English?

    Honestly! I want to say one thing that it’s not too much easy to become a fluent English speaker. If it’s easy to be a good fluent English speaker then. Why is everyone not able to speak English fluently?

    And one more ultimate truth is that it's not too much hard also because lots of people are speaking in their daily life with perfection then. Why can't you be the next one of them?

    Prepare your basic level Grammar.
    Start speaking with yourself as much you can speak today.
    Choose a topic and start speaking about it and record this and again listen it and speak again and rectify it and record again with same topic, practice until you feel Today you spoke better to compare previous day.
    Avoid translating things, start thinking in English, at initial level you will face some difficulty but, your regular habit will make you habitual for it.
    Try to show off for yourself, behave with yourself fake until you make it realty, so speak again and again until you feel perfection in today's attempt.
    Start watching videos according to your interest, hobbies, skills, passion and requirements.
    Stop giving preference to Hindi and your regional language.
    Over all, You need to work on your some main and important English’s skills like-

    Attentive listening
    Reading and comprehension skills
    Speaking practice
    Writing your ideas and thoughts
    Use your surrounding things, to take help for practice and improving everyday your English skills. Because speaking English and speaking right English both are different things.

    Use your mobile phone
    Use your mirror
    Use your room for study
    Read your old books to become English familiar
    Start speaking in imagination like you are standing at your favorite place and you are speaking there like an Excellent speaker.

    Start imagine
    After imagination, start thinking and make few thoughts
    Imagine< Think< Speak
    Rectify it and speak again and again
    Remember! Perfection does not come in a single day, it takes some time. Practice until you feel internally now excellent. So don't stop till that moment.

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