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I need to know Yoga Class Centers in India

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Hi friends, I am new for the Yoga class. I need the exercise for reduce the body weight. Which one of exercise is helps for me. Did you have any idea? And also i am getting more stress in my mind. I need to get relax and peace of mind also. What are the yoga centers are available in India. Did you have any list? Please share me. I am in Coimbatore. I need to know the details about that. I am searching online. But i cannot get the exact places also. I need to practice the daily exercise for reducing my weight. I am working at software side. So I cannot give proper way of work in my hand and mind. Only seeing computer and working that. So i am getting more headache and stress with my work also. I cannot spend more time to get the refresh my mind. I am not sharing my feels and emotions to others.
So i need the yoga for getting peace of my mind. My friends and my father is also getting mediation as self. I need the proper way of exercise and good environment for my mind set. I like to play with the kids and children’s. My work is based on only system. Please help me to find the yoga center and help to reduce my stress. I am also getting the more headaches now. What is the reason for that? What is the best way for reduce the blood pressure? I need to know about the full form of Yoga. I want to learn about full study about that. Please give me the possible tips and ideas for getting that. My father is given some advices and matters about doing Yoga. I have watched the more videos. But I need the good teacher for tells about detail
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