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Where to study Italian?

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I've jsut returned from a two week trip through Italy and I have fallen in love with everything Italian. I would like to go back in summer and sign up for a crash course in Italian. Any recomendations? Locations? Schools? When?

  • cri job

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    Ya tienes respuestas de Silbia B&B , y de simona Ryanair : trasporte y cama estan listos, solo necesita de trabajar duro por aprender qualquier lengua, y aqui llego yo.
    Y.. periodista...... No piensas al trabajo como lo entienden en mediaset !!!
    Aqui vas a pasar un periodo mas periodistico que nunca has encontrado: no te bastara' tu bloc de note

  • Silvia 88

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    Ciao Carolina!

    I 'd like to advice to you a web site..I work and travel with ,
    I ve been in different country and learn language..and you know what's the deal?It's quite free..!
    have a look at the web site..if you like it lather then you can decide to sing up!
    let me know..also if you want speck Italian with me..!



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    I have been to Modena. It was very nice. The town is not too big, and not too small either.
    People are friendly. It was cheap also.


  • Simone Rainer

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    Hi Carolina,

    I have just logged in to this forum when I saw your post.
    Look at this: http://www.piccolauniversitaitaliana.com/en/

    have a great day,

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