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Sponsor for Psychiatrist Medication and Sponsor for study in college 4yrs. cours

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Looking for Sponsor in America or Canada

Hi! It’s me. Jesa Krista Aguinaldo. I post this because I want to look for sponsor to help me in my condition. Hope this details help to find a good sponsor.

Name: Jesa Krista D. Aguinaldo
Age: 31
Born: March 31,1988
Nationality: Filipino Live in: Philippines
Condition: has a major Depression

Reason why looking for sponsor: to help me to medicate into a psychiatrist and have therapy to be treated my depression. And also I just want to go back in school I want to continue. I want to study college the course I like is Business Management. Pls. help me to reach the life that I want. i’ve been suffering this depression for 18 yrs. I want my life to be changed. So you are the only person who can help me. I don’t want to get old like this. I want to study in college. And if I finish my college its for me to payback who help me. I’m waiting for Sponsor. All my siblings are finish study only me is not finish I get stucked in situation like this. I’m just only at home always I don’t know how to set up/arrange my life. I want to go to U.S or just America or Canada. if you want to help me email me at [...] email me in yahoo mail. i'm hopeful to you.

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