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    Hello, I am a native Czech, who lived abroad for 30 years and recently moved back and also needed a good bank. Whatever you do, DO NOT go with Ceska Sporitelna......I decided with Raiffeisen BANK for many reasons. They do have options to have the app and web version in English. Also, if you chose the account that costs 50 crowns/month (which is nothing if you think about it), you will be able to hold up to 19 currencies in the bank. I have crowns, dollars, and euros currently. Anyone can wire them to you or you can transfer if you want from your own foreign or domestic bank. The money will stay there in its current form. You can also exchange the currencies between each other (e.g., I just transferred some dollars to crowns). The big plus is that you can take money from any ATM in the EU without any penalty. I don't know of any bank that allows this. There are other perks. I say go there.....they all speak English (I went to the one in Santovka). Only problem there is they have no opportunity there to deposit money, you will have to go to a different location. Oh yes, and you can go and withdraw money in any currency from your bank as well (e.g., going to Vienna, can take out your Euros).

    Im very happy with them and the app is so easy to use.

    If you have any questions, feel free to message me.

    Sincerely, Martina

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