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Cultural questions about the Czech Republic culture

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Hi:) can someone answer me some questions about the culture form Czech Republic please? i would be so very grateful!!!
-Does your country tend to have a more individualistic society approach? (Briefly describe why)

-Does your country cultural department is hierarchical? Does the boss(in society, family, government etc.) has the final decision? (Briefly describe why)

-Does the country is comfortable with uncertainty on things? Or rules and plans are preferred? (Briefly describe why)

-How is the distribution of roles on your country? It is a Masculine Society with values as competitiveness, assertiveness, materialism, ambition and power? Or it is a more feminine orientated society that gives more importance to relationships and quality of life?

-Does your country has a Long Term orientation society giving more importance and planning for the future? Or it is short term orientated?

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