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Welcome to Taiwan - Introduce yourself!

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Hi Everyone!
Whether you're new to Taiwan, thinking about moving here or a long-term expat, introduce yourself! Let's share advice and tips for living in Taiwan.

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    Hello nice to meet you, how are you doing today, i hope all is well with you there, i will like to get to know you more better i hope we can have more time to communicate and get to know each other more better.

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    Being a future wife to a Taiwanese man (I am a Singaporean), I am reading up about essential information about settling down and finding job (that require me to use English) in Taiwan and I came across this website. Just saying Hello~
    Hope to learn more about Taiwan from this platform and make friends that we can support one another throughout the transition period to a new homeland =)

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    Should be in Kaohsiung by the middle of this month. There will be about 10 of us working at the same place. Kaohsiung is a bit of distance from Taipei. I hope you have a good time in Taipei. I am an old guy. I am going alone at the moment but hope to have my wife join me as soon as we can manage.

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    Hello everyone. I am just a Canadian guy new to Taipei and it would be great to meet new people. Would anybody like to meet up, local or foreigner? Open to anybody who is nice. I know there are plenty of social events in Taipei but it would also be interesting to see what people respond to this post. My hobbies include: reading (fiction, history and psychology), tai chi, podcasts, and a bit of travel. Hope to hear from a few or more people. Thanks.

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    Hi everyone. I am looking at a job that would require me to stay in Kaohsiung are for about three and a half years, The work schedule would require me to stay in Taiwan for eleven months with one month of vacation every year.

    My initial concerns are health care, and finding a place to live. Since my children are studying in American universities, they would probably come to Taiwan only for visits. My wife may or may not stay with me at all times.

    From what I know so far, I am considering living an area from which Zuoying High Speed train station is easily accessible. Commuting to work is not an issue since a car with a driver will be provided. Place of work will be about two miles from Kaohsiung INternational Airport. I am not sure if a bus goes to where I am supposed to work

  • Patrizia Massano

    Tips for a short trip to Taiwan

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    Hello, my name is Patrizia, I live in Barcelona and next Sept- Oct I will visit Taiwan for the first time. Just 3 weeks, to visit a relative of mine in Taipei, but also to take the advantage to know a completely different culture.

    I wonder if you can give me a few tips to make the most from this trip. I was considering a 2 weeks Mandarin course, Qui Gong lessons, maybe one week in Hong Kong, apart from visiting the South - Kenting and Kaohsiung.

    Any other idea?

    Thank you very much


  • angela b.

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    im from Brazil and i will visit Taipei next year in january until april for tourism. id like to make new friends and meet for a drink. how do you think about it?


    skype is aabbastos

    hugs for all.

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    I found this site while googling, I got curious so I signed up this is my first time to do forums, by the way regards to everyone

  • Quyền Phan

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    hi :)
    I just arrived from Vietnam to study. Good to meet you guys :)

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    Hi newbie here nice to meet you here

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