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Hello everyone,
My name is Ivana, I am 24 years and I am from Croatia. I'm looking for a job here in Istanbul no matter what type of business, it is essential that can do the job that is not caused by working skills. I finished the merchant and commercial high school, and I do not have work experience in this area. I worked as a manager in call center. I can speak Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, English and also I learn Turkish, I can understand quite well, less talk and write, also understand Bulgarian and Macedonian, and can communicate. I am responsible and serious, hard working, with good communication skills, open-minded and friendly person. I am willing to learn and improve my own skills, I am willing to contribute to the work of every company through my work. Any job that I can find its welcome. Also I am interested to work as nanny. My experience is taking care of my niece and two nephews since they were born. If you are interested please contact me thru this site or anyone who knows someone please contact me. Also, I can teach my native languages and swimming, I am underwater hockey player. ( PREFER ASIAN side, but European side also comes into consideration )
For more detail please feel free to ask
Thank You

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