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Want to get hired at your dream job? Make friends? Start something new?
The international Master’s degree is the answer you’re looking for. Master’s graduates earn more, and 93% land a full-time job within 3 months of graduation, according to AACSB.
Access Masters invites you to an interactive online event on 3 February when you can get information from top business schools from around the world.
Here’s what to expect on the event day:
• Info sessions with admission advisers from top universities
• Personalised guidance for your Master’s application on the spot
• Useful test preparation workshops and presentations
• Enter a draw for a EUR 1,000 scholarship
3 words that sum up this unique opportunity
Diverse. So many options to choose from! Business, management, marketing, finance. Close to home, abroad, or a new, faraway destination. You pick what works best for you.
Flexible. Are you still figuring out your agenda this year and next year? The best Master’s programmes have full-time, part-time, and online options to help you stay flexible.
Safe. Whatever you choose for your grad school studies, safety is your top priority. The online event format has everything you need to find the right Master’s while staying safe at home.

Save your spot! Get started today on Access Masters.

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