Annual Sales and Operations Planning summit

Annual Sales and Operations Planning summit



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Prague, Czech Republic Mapa

We are pleased to announce the launch of Annual Sales and Operations Planning summit that will take place in Prague on 29-30 September 2016. This summit will gather the world’s most dynamic and senior level executives operating in the areas of sales operations and planning and provide a platform to discuss business challenges and opportunities in the light of the modern business environment technological developments and the advances of globalization. Exchange knowledge and informative insights with leading experts and discuss current landscape for the SandOP implementation. The purpose of this summit is to create a perfect atmosphere conducive to developing strategies for future success and achieving real results, while encouraging active networking!

This 2-day summit delivers case-studies, workshops and panel discussions from our
distinguished expert-speakers.This year we look at themes such as:
- SandOP Best Practice and Post-Implementation
- KPI, SandOP Dashboard and Scoreboard
- SandOP Challenges
- Forecasting Accuracy
- Benchmark for Supply Chain Management
- How to Make SandOP More Efficient with Low Cost
- Startup of SandOP
- Inventory Optimization
- Impact of SandOP Changes on Customer

packages from: EUR 499

Speakers: Marcel Frielinck, Sabu Sheikh, Peter Scheffler, Jesper Waaben, Leon Van Bijnen, Julio Casas, Jan Steenberg, Bernard Czap, Michael G. Huber, Roger Kerckhoffs, Kimmo Sell

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