China - Inevitable



Métro la Vache

Rue François Villon, Toulouse, France Mapa

As promoted by Brad Pitt for Chanel N° 5 - Inevitable. On my opinion this word is more convincing to describe my country - China N° actual. However, there are how many people understand Brad Pitt in this advertisement as understand well China and Chinese culture?

Hence, I'd like to propose a relaxed way to know China and her culture: To watch Chinese films (VF or VE) of different genres in a confortable home space, and I will provide the explanations on the difficult topics after the film or during the film. But sorry, Brad Pitt does not play any role in these films.

Does It make sens my proposal ? If yes, you are welcome to watch the first film with me - La Cité Interdite/The forbiten city will be shown on the 6th of Jan 2013. I hope my film sessions brings you fruitful acknowledges and a new perspective on China.

PS: above is not an advestissment :0)

 Juju YUAN