Laurence Noga: Poetics of Obsolescence

Laurence Noga: Poetics of Obsolescence



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"We are invited to consider the power of anachronic symbols and gestures as creative events, disturbing the routine experience of the present with the intensification of perceptions." Dr.Kamini Vellodi

In his father's garage, artist Laurence Noga discovered a hoard of objects and memorabilia - tools, packets, washers, menus, books photographs, and the like – that his family has collected over the years. He became intrigued by the emotional narratives associated with the objects, the human stories that ran alongside both the practical attributes and aesthetics of each item. No longer in working order, many of these items had become simple design pieces and mementos to past events. This garage hoard is the source of Noga's latest body of work, a series of assemblages, paintings, and mixed-media works to be shown at Aleph Contemporary this spring in an online exhibition entitled ‘The Poetics of Obsolescence' accompanied by a text of the same name by Dr Kamini Vellodi, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, Theory and History of Art, The University of Edinburgh.

Noga's work is a unique combination of geometric painting and systematic assemblage. He intuitively selects and arranges strips of paint and found material into a panoramic format that combines personal visual references with a strong geometric sensibility. The ten multi-layered works in the exhibition immerse the viewer in a universe that the artist describes as "imperfect geometry." He uses a variety of materials, including acrylic, oil, collage, powdered pigment, steel, wood, and enamel. Highly saturated colour is essential to the approach and this is intended to disorientate the viewer, allowing the colour (applied in ordered segments ) to create an odd field of depth that calls into question notions of order and disorder.


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