Open-air 4th of July Party at the Chiostri di San Barnaba, Milan

Open-air 4th of July Party at the Chiostri di San Barnaba, Milan



The Chiostri di San Barnaba

Via San Barnaba, 48, Milano, Italia Mapa

Everyone is invited to the Fantastic Open-air 4th of July Party at the Chiostri di San Barnaba!

To get in just say you're on the PARTYAMO list.

An Awesome All American Party in the fantastic location of the cloisters bar right in the heart of Milan!

You can exchange €1 for a "Mini US Dollar" with which you'll be able to buy HOTDOGS, Fried or grilled CHICKEN, Corn on the Cob, BBQ DOUBLE CHEESEBURGERS and more!

Cool, refreshing Budweiser and Miller beers are waiting for you on ice!

An enormous cake with the USA flag will be offered to everyone, FREE!

There is also the tasty aperitivo for you to savour with a choice of some of the best cocktails in Milan!

Wednesday 4 July from 7:30pm until late.

Where? The Chiostri di San Barnaba in via San Barnaba 48.

How do I get there?
From the CROCETTA metro (yellow line) walk down via Alfonso Lamarmora, then take the 1st left into via della Commenda, then take the 2nd right into via San Barnaba.
NB - Google indicates the Crocetta metro as "Lamarmora Romana".

How much?
Entrance + 1st drink: €15
Drinks: Only €6 for any type of drink!
Buffet: Free

Steven Walthew
 Steven Walthew
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