Storytime Science for Kids: The Shadow Episode


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Is your shadow your BFF? Is it always with you, even on cloudy days? When the Sun is directly overhead? At night? Can your shadow show you how the Sun and the Earth work together? Can you make indoor shadows? Join the Exploratorium's own Vivian Altmann as she reads Moonbear's Shadow by Frank Asch and leads a related activity (and a bonus mini-activity!).

To make a shadow, you'll need three things: a light source, an object, and a screen.

For our main activity, you can use the Sun as a light source, any object that will stand on its own, and a piece of paper or the ground as a screen. You'll also need a clock or timer and a pen (if you're using paper for your screen) or some sidewalk chalk (if you're using the ground).

For our mini-activity, you can use a flashlight as a light source, a clear glass with ridges or other texture, and a tabletop as a screen. You'll need to do this mini-activity in a dark room.

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