Free yourself from stress! Hiking and a little meditation.

Free yourself from stress! Hiking and a little meditation.



Municipal Public Library of Albalate de Zorita

Calle la Fuente, 40, 19117 Albalate de Zorita, Spain Mapa

We propose a good plan, with people of your same concerns. A moment of walking, nature, relaxation, a moment to share in a group and reencounter with nature and with yourself.
We will start you in meditation and we will propose a weekly plan and life so you can take home the relaxation achieved.

We will walk through different paths in the Alcarrian area near Albalate de Zorita, Bolarque Reservoir, Zorita de los Canes, etc. Depending on the day and time, different trails will be made.

The plan is to walk about 3 hours, stop to eat a sandwich (do not forget to bring in your backpack what you want to eat and drink, remember to bring enough water), and return another 3 hours. (Medium level - low, but you should be able to walk 5-6 hours so you have a good time and do not become heavy). During the walk we will make some stops to rest, contemplate the landscape and we will do some guided meditation.
At the end of the walk, we propose to go for a coffee at a bar in the area and share the impressions of the day in a quiet way.

We will wait for you!!!


General admission: EUR 5.7

Artists / Speakers: Pedro Manuel Serena

Category: Lifestyle

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