*online*: Thinking On Sunday - We Need to Talk About Death

*online*: Thinking On Sunday - We Need to Talk About Death



Online Event

Londres, Reino Unido Mapa

An impassioned rallying cry for us to start talking frankly and openly about death in this new age of ageing.

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"There is a call to arms to all of us to talk more about death and radically change our perspectives on this final 'Age of Man', an age prolonged, perhaps to our detriment, by medicine`s failure to be open with the public."

Dr David Jarrett's book 33 Meditations on Death is about our denial, at a personal and societal level, of ageing, frailty and death. It reflects on the massive rise in the proportion and absolute number of the very elderly - a phenomenon new in world history. Dr Jarrett uses case histories and family stories to try and make sense of this complex picture and reflect on his own, often understanding of death and decrepitude. The science of ageing and the demographic changes are explained.

He recounts the development of the medical specialty of Geriatric Medicine along with insights into the inevitable uncertainties of diagnosis, treatment and uncertainty around the frequent end of life ethical dilemmas.

David Jarrett has been a doctor for forty years, thirty of which as an NHS consultant in geriatric and stroke medicine. He is a clinician, teacher, examiner and former medical manager with extensive experience of frailty, death and dying and the modern world’s failure to confront these realities. He has worked in Canada, India, Africa and the USSR. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time gave him the opportunity of being a medical expert on ionizing radiation, at least for a day, at the time of the Chernobyl meltdown.

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General Admission: GBP 5.0

Artists / Speakers: Dr David Jarrett

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