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Joanna DENIS
 Joanna DENIS
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Hi guys! I'm Joanna, 25, from Brittany, France. I love travelling and learning new languages that's why I here, to meet new friends from all over the word. Enjoy the life, make the most of each moment as if it was the last, you don't know what will happen tomorrow. Life is too short to waspe it doing unless things or things you don't like. So, do what you want to do, and not the things the others want you to do. I'm a little dropout. I don't live on the fringe of society yet but I hate society and the way it's made. I already know that one day I'll leave everything to live only with a rucksack. Travelling, walking, and walking again as far as possible. Visit and see the most I can and why not meet you ;) I just hate DISRESPECTFUL PEOPLE (towards the others but also towards our Earth) so if you are the kind of person who throw waste away and kill animals just for pleasure, you can just...GO TO HELL! Last summer I've done an European tour with "Europ'Raid" (23 days, 11000 km, 19 countries) from Nantes to Istanbul. All the things we've seen and all the people we've met in these three weeks, it was just amazing. You can learn more about Europ'Raid on our website ;)
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Nantes (France)
English, French, Italian, Spanish, Croatian
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31 años
Croatia, Nantes


Cooking, Travel/Sightseeing, Basketball
Música favorita:
Stromae, Saez, Noir Désir, Brel
Películas favoritas:
Thelma & Louise / Leon / Into the wild / Jeux d'enfants / Taken / Panic room / Shutter island / The green mile / Dances with wolves
Libros favoritos:
*All MUSSO's books (Parce que je t'aime...) *LEVY (Le premier jour, La première nuit) *Into the wild
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