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How is Dubai for women?

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Hi everybody! A friend of mine is thinking about relocating to Dubai with her husband, but she's a little scared. How is Dubai for foreign women?

  • Anand Gupta

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    Just in the gulf Dubai is the greatest place to survive ur life.u will fiend the all luxury facilities what ever u want,after all u can says dubai is the best place.for life survive.

  • Blizzy Everhard

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    Thanks for your messages. Is there any woman out there who could give me her impression?

  • postitaja  sees Dubai foorum 

    dubai is beautiful place & safe also/only problem so expence & too trafic this is only problem in duabi/if u r friend & husband they have good money & they spend more money then they can shift to dubai

    by shajan

  • Mine Tony Max profiilile

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    it's nice, pleasant, entertaining... easy to live if you have the means.

  • Mine Mansoor Taha profiilile

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    i dunno what ur thinkin about dubai but lots of tourist in here it is 100% safe even tho my gf is foreign too so its noo big deal

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