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any kind of job in Athens!

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Hello! My name is Antun, from Croatia and I would love to move to Athens. Since I have girlfriend there, I'm trying to find any kind of job. Till now it wasn't very succesfull. I've spend hours on searching job through net and it sucks. I guess it is impossible to find it that way. So if anyone knows anything that can help me, please write it. Thank you! :)

  • Mine joanna jo profiilile

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    Did u moved in Athens as u said?Cuz if u didn't,this year think it again xD !

  • Antun Han

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    thanx Jo! you helped me a lot, at least I won't spend time on net anymore. :) well, this summer I'll try to spend at least 2 months in Athens. I hope to have luck in finding some job. once again, thank you :)

  • Jo Jackson

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    It's all about who you know in Greece - you will most likely find work through friends when you are there - but it will be difficult as Greece has the 2nd highest rate of unemployment in Europe (just below Spain).

    I will be moving to Athens also in a few months. There's no point looking on the internet for jobs really - unless you can speak German - as I've seen a lot of need for that! You'll have to network once you get there and make a lot of friends who will hopefully recommend you to someone for work. You need to be able to speak Greek as well.

    Look in the newspapers like Athens News. They have an English version of this newspaper.

    Sorry I'm not much help!

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