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Migrate settle in Malaysia

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Hi, I am self employed and want to move in Malaysia.

how can I start?

I do not need job because I am self employed (online consultancy).

My qualification is post graduate

can i also bring my family (parents and sibling)?

what kind of visa i may need and how to proceed?

thanks in advance

  • Mine Anton Lee profiilile

    postitaja  sees Malaisia foorum 

    Web search My Second Home Malaysia
    Hope this will help

  • Mine Mabel Ho profiilile

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    Oh this is actually quite hard, since you're not planning to work in Malaysia.

    Malaysia has 4 main categories of migrants:

    Migrants related to Malaysian citizens
    Skilled workers
    Business persons
    Migrants living in Malaysia on humanitarian grounds and refugee

    Try researching which will work out for you.

    I also recommend to look for a job here: for a while, easiest way to migrate here in Malaysia.

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