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Hello :)

I was just wondering if anyone of you out there knows a job opening in Monaco? I'm just taking a chance and hoping there is one that is related to the Health care industry in the country. Maybe someone out there needs a good nurse.

|Thanks guys! ;)

  • Z S

    postitaja  sees Monaco foorum 

    I dont think you should give up at all -- medical staff is always needed everywhere. It is only the bureaucratic issues connected with it that makes it difficult.
    If not in Monaco you can try for start South France (Nice, Cannes...)
    I believe there is many medical-nurse job positions, and in fact as I am searching for the job myself at the moment I know there are many openings.
    Try "Kelly Services" - they have medical branch, sure you can find something that can fit you.

    Then it depends on what degree you have and whether you are already in France/Monaco ... ;-) ...

    food luck!

  • Lana Castillo

    postitaja  sees Monaco foorum 

    I'm studying French right now! It's so much fun!

  • Lana Castillo

    postitaja  sees Monaco foorum 

    Hi Nicolas!

    Thank your for your insight. I was hoping it wouldn't be that hard but I knew in the back of my mind finding a job in Monaco would be quite challenging.

    I would face many obstacles before I can even begin thinking of working there. First, I don't even know how to speak French. Learning the language is a big hurdle to overcome.

    I don't want to get discouraged and I do hope something comes along. Monaco sure must have a hospital thus they must need health care practitioners like myself. Someone somewhere must need a nurse. :) I'm crossing my fingers.

    For the meantime, maybe I can apply as a receptionist. I'll check that site you mentioned.

    Thank you so much!!!

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