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Frankfurt - fun place or terrible city?

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Hi everybody! It looks like I will get a job offer in Frankfurt so I'm considering relocating there with my family. The problem is that I'm hearing very different things about Frankfurt, some people told me it's a nice place, but quite a few say it's horrible.

Any advice from you guys in Frankfurt? How is it to live there? Is the place ok for families and little kids? And how do you get by without speaking German?

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    I can understand that you hear quite different oppinions. For my case, I really don´t like Frankfurt because it is very "grey" and there are some areas I would not go to if I am alone at night. But on the other hand I have friends there which say that it is a really great city, even with family and kids! I guess you should visit the city for a while and then decide for yourself!

  • Gabriela Zafira

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    I just found this info on foreigners living in Frankfurt. It shows you how international Frankfurt is:

    The number of Frankfurt residents who hold no German passport is 165,000. This is nearly 26% of the total population. The majority of these foreigners are, in decreasing order of size: Turkish, Italian, Croatian, Serbian, and Montenegrin.

    The following data on expats in Frankfurt is valid as of 31.Dec.2004:

    * American: 3,292
    * British: 2,694
    * Irish: 459
    * Canadian: 353
    * Australian: 294
    * South African: (estimate circa 150)
    * New Zealander: (estimate circa 80)

    Note that the above figures are only for the city of Frankfurt am Main itself, not the surrounding areas in Hessen or the Rhein-Main region. Many expatriate workers make a daily commute into Frankfurt from the neighbouring cities of Darmstadt, Wiesbaden, Mainz, or other smaller towns like Bad Homburg and Koenigstein.

  • Gabriela Zafira

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    I agree with Manuela - Frankfurt is a great place to live! If you come with your family, you might also want to move to the Taunus. That way you live in the middle of nature and are only 30 min away from Frankfurt.

  • Manuela da Silva

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    For foreigners Frankfurt is a great place to live! If you get sick of the Germans (this sometimes happens ;o) - you can meet people from all over the world!

  • Dora Böhm

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    Hi Paul!
    Don't worry - Frankfurt is a great place to live with a family, especially if you don't live right in the city center.
    You can get by without speaking German in most cases. In fact, 1/3 of the Frankfurt population are foreigners!!!

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