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Help!what other job options are for an unskilled employee?

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1:00AM and I just had a conversation with my childhood friend. She's in Denmark for 1 year. And already she changed 3 jobs. All in farms. In the country she used to be a pharmacy assistant but left due to financial reasons. At first it took some time but she likes caring for pigs and she is hard working. I was considering leaving too, but after hearing about her experience I have doubts. Problem is in all 3 farms the farmers ask more and more. Especially if you're a woman. You never have an exact notion of what your duties are + other stuff that honestly shocked me that they are happening in a country where human rights are supposed to mean something.
But this isn't the subject. What I want to know, and any information is very appreciated, is if she wants to go work in another field, for example supermarket or bakery, what does she need to do? Does she need to take a course? She's 27, fluent in English and started learning Danish but no idea on what to do. And I'd like to help.
Thank you.

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