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Wrong Cpr number given for my 3.5 years old Son

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Hi All,

I need an urgent help, this is regarding the issue of CPR number of my 3.5 years old son.

My son date of birth is 09.06.2014 and same is mentioned in CPR and passport but his CPR number is 040620247, actually his CPR number should start from 14 instead of 04 as per his birth year.

Now problem is I went to Health care hospital to open a medical file and also give pending vaccination for my son but hospital had rejected his CPR because they saying when they entered CPR number in their system my son age is showing 13 years old but actual he is only 3.5 years old. They said they cannot do anything until CPR number is changed because their system is calculating age according to the CPR number.

This matter i had already discussed with my PRO and they had also tried to change the number but they couldn't do it as they saying CIO & immigration department said they cannot change or give a new number.

Seriously i don't know what to do and how can i solve this problem, this is the matter of vaccination and future of my son.

Could anyone can help me or advise on my problem will be highly appreciated

Thanks and Regards
Anish Kumar

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