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Tandempartner or... I fly for the first time to Montreal

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Hey, everybody!)))
My name is Marina and I plan to go to Montreal on March 2011 to visit one of my friend. I am currently studying in Germany and I will have a semester break (a whole month) in March.

So, I plan to hang around the city and try to find a tandempartner (1-2 times a week). I just dont want to sit the whole month in a flat - instead - I will learn French in Germany and.... will be very happy to find anybody who could find one hour (or more)))))) in a week to teach me a liiiiiiiiiiitle bit French.
I can teach you Russian if you are willing so))) Or I can tell you a lot about my home country - Kazakhstan, we can also talk about Germany where I am living right now. I would be happy to share my experience I got in Germany and give advice - if you are interested - how to learn German.

SO!)))) If you have a hour in March every week - write me!))) We can start to get know each other earlier!

Have a wonderful day and I look forward to your .... ANSWER)))


  • Alex M

    پست شده توسط  در مونترئال فروم 

    Well... I think I was disapointed with Holland. It's a nice country but I would not live there long term. People are a bit cold and ethnophobic... On the other hand it was great as I got to visit all of Europe. I was working in Holland. My company had sent me to open a trading office in Rotterdam.
    So you might be coming to Montreal in March! Nice :)
    I think you will love the city :)

  • Marina Bunny

    پست شده توسط  در مونترئال فروم 


    What did you do in Europe!?????!!! Cool!!!How did you like Holland????
    it must be nice to be back at home, or???)))

    Yeah.... I am still not quite sure if I go to Montreal this March! i hope, but things are a little bit complicated. We will see!)))) Anyway, I will to love to meet you if I am there)

    Tell me what did you do in Europe ONE year!?

    take care,

  • Alex M

    پست شده توسط  در مونترئال فروم 

    Hi Marina!
    Welcome to Montreal :)
    (even though you're not here
    The city is great, I'm sure you will love it. There's a ton of things to do and it would be a shame to spend your time in a flat :)
    I just got back from Europe where I lived and worked for one year. I was living in Rotterdam. I'll be glad to teach you some french! The only thing I know how to say in Russian is "ya gavariu po rusky"... and it's a lie cause I don't know hoe to speak :)
    I do know a bit of Cezch and Polish and maybe it's a good base to learn some Russian. I never met someone from Kazakhstan before and would love to learn about that country.
    Hope to hear from you soon!

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