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Searching a furnished flat/room in Copenhagen!

پست شده در کپنهاگ فروم

Hello everyone,

my name is Maren and I would like to pass a 5-months internship in Copenhagen from late July to early December of this year. The contracts are already signed, now I am just searching for a place to stay.
I started applying to ads for small flats or rooms about 3 months ago, but nothing has resulted until now. So I kindly wanted to ask you for your help.

A little information about me:
I am 21 years old and I am doing this internship to finish my training to become a foreign language correspondence clerk. It is financed by the state, which means that a rent up to 500 € (right now about 3700 dkk) will be paid for me. The internship will take place at a hotel in the city centre, where I will mostly use english and german (this is also why I can't speak danish, yet, just read a bit).
I am a rather calm person, friendly and of course I will treat my new place carefully.

Allthough I have had contact with two landlords until now (and written about 15 - 20 applications -.-) they both stopped responding quickly.

So if anyone on here knows where I can go on searching, or maybe knows someone who rents out their apartment or a room, please contact me.
Thank you very much in advance =)

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