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Seeking advice on my Loja book offer

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I’m new here and was hoping folks in this forum could give me some advice. I grew up in Latin America (Mexico) and have also spent several months in Loja. Lots of people asked me questions about Loja after finding my blog, so I wrote a book about Loja a couple years ago which I am updating now. I’m thinking of running a pre-sale promotion on the 2nd edition. Could you take a look at it and give me your feedback? Is this a good idea? Any suggestions for improvement?

  • Lily Fouts

    پست شده توسط  در اکوادور فروم 

    I decided to go ahead with this little presale promotion, which is exciting, and today is the last day. I've sold a few copies. :) If you know anybody interested in slow traveling or living in Latin America, Ecuador, and especially Loja, feel free to share this link with them today!

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