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Require a Marketing Manager in Italy or Europe?

پست شده در ایتالیا فروم

I'm currently the marketing manager at Pitch Sales and Marketing Africa. I have worked in the media industry for 11 years and offer knowledge and experience in SEO, PPC, Adobe, media buying, media planning, SCRUM, AdWords, Analytics and developing online/offline marketing strategies, content creation, PR and many others. I am also multi-lingual in English, Dutch, Afrikaans and elementary level Italian.

The chance to work with amazing clients on groundbreaking technologies and building record-breaking campaigns is something I look forward to, along with helping revolutionary organisations achieve their goals. I also aim to relocate to the beautiful country of Italy. After visiting in 2015 I fell in love with the astonishing region and wish to experience more of it and other countries within Europe.

Are there any potential vacancies within Italy to which I could apply for? You are welcome to connect with me.

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