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Puglia, South Italy

پست شده در آپولیا فروم

Have you never been to Puglia? If your answer is no and would like to come and enjoy the quiet life style and superb food and wine, please contact me and I will be glad to assist you.
Ciao e a presto

  • پست شده توسط  در آپولیا فروم 

    hi,,i was once in Foggia, at first of May will be there too
    ar u far from Foggia ? no much people who speak English there :(
    this time i will try to learn some Italina
    bye 4 nw

  • Eleni Kavaka

    پست شده توسط  در آپولیا فروم 

    Hi...i'll be coming to Bari and Molfetta probably close to Easter... ;)

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