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Moving to Cascais.

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Hi I've just joined and need a question answered by any open minded person.I'm a worldwide Entertainer performing in 22 countries but I fell in in love with Lisbon I want to buy an apartment near or in Cascais I've been going back and forth for the last 7 years.But Ive been reading forums saying about racial tensions police and other stuff I have NEVER had any problems in Cascais or Lisbon but now I'm slightly worried.I'm financially secure just want a peaceful quiet life cause as great as London is its a lot of stress living here.....and getting a bit dangerous as well. Would LOVE anybody's opinion thank you.

  • Pumpkin Chan

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    In Lisbon there are a lot of people from Afrika, either people born there or not and either people black or caucasian. I think it is pretty common for portuguese people, it is uncommon that sort of violence in Portugal. The few things that may happen are called on the News and they dramatize and squeeze it until it's over and done.
    Don't focus too much on portuguese media. Yes, I believe there might be people in Portugal against youre skin tone, but the same goes for everything else and everywhere else. There is always some sort of dumb people that still are against something and/or someone out there. Don't worry about it, Portugal is one of the safest countries to live in. We don't have much crime.

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