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Hi to all :)

Our small startup are thinking to relocate to Singapore,
it's a good place to works, also a lot of incubators are here.

We are now choosing visa agency to simplify the process,
selecting between this two:

- One Visa (
- VisaExpress (

Also we've heard positive about Rikvin and Hawksford.
Do anybody have experience with this companies? Any advices?

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  • Abhishek Sharma برو به پروفایل

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    In my experience, Rikvin is one of the best with 20+ years of service record in singapore company registration. Apart from incorporation, they can also help new businesses in various other business functions such as Taxation, Accounting, HR. This can help your business focus on your main offering, and not worrying about the other requirements. Rikvin can also help you with various different issues such as getting tax concessions, employment pass, and nominee director etc.

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