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Ecommerce would move more Spain Email List

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Ecommerce would move more than S / 520 million in a week of the Spain Email List ​​Wow driven by this campaign
The Cyber ​​Wow in April will have a growth of 105% versus an average week. Find out more important information.

Ecommerce sales would rise by 105% Spain Email List an average week. Also the average ticket would register a growth of 30%, according to Impulse. E-commerce sales have been increasing, especially at each Cyber ​​Wow. So much so that this week (from April 18 to 22) the first edition of this campaign begins in 2022 and a 105% growth is expected in the online channel, according to a study carried out at Impulse, an Inbound Marketing agency. and Full [b][url=]Spain Email List[/url][/b]. Cyber ​​Wow is the most important online shopping event in Peru, and ecommerce is projected to exceed S/ 520 million during the next week (April 18 to 24). In the industry in general, sales have doubled, even various categories and companies have even quadrupled or quintupled their sales.

From April 18 to 22, the highest peaks in Spain Email List sales were recorded in the first half of this year, even surpassing the Mother's Day online campaign. In this sense, Lima is the main destination for online purchases with 60% of deliveries. Then they are Spain Email List by Arequipa, Trujillo, Chiclayo and Piura. Among the most demanded categories at Cyberwow would be home and decoration (sofa, beds, refrigerators), technology (smartphone, laptop and televisions), and fashion (sneakers, clothing and sportswear), among others. Companies also register a 30% growth in their average ticket. In the case of household appliances it grows to S/ 1,080, Spain Email List S/ 490, fashion S/ 330 and department stores S/ 293.

The first Cyberwow campaign of the year, which Spain Email List place in April, has had a preponderant growth in recent years. According to the report that we carried out, it dates from 2019, electronic commerce in that week of the campaign moved S / 262 million. In 2020, it was not carried out due to restrictions on electronic commerce. But already in 2021 it registered more than S / 344 million. And in the first campaign of this year, we estimate that they will exceed S/520 million.

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