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Herskind Herskind
 Herskind Herskind
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Herskind-Herskind has been holding the glory for the bike riders for a long period time through their high-quality unique bicycle designed for the people of all ages.JanHerskind has been designing unique bicycle since 1991 in collaboration with Michael Krueger who is well known for his artist touch for his every hand build bicycles. Michael Krueger inherited the workshop from his father where he crafts every single bicycle. Over the period of time, they have many satisfied customers who have ordered for custom made bicycle from Herskind-Herskind. The company believes in customer’s satisfaction and tends to provide the best riding experience to the bike lovers since every single bicycle are built based on the riders height, age, and special request. The company’s vision is to create a life time riding experience for the every bicycle lovers. They focus on unique design with a stylish appearance which dazzles the other people passing by the riders. Different people have different taste in their life and Herskind-Herskind enlightens the bike lover’s life by giving a unique experience of their taste. If you are a teenager than your ride will reflect your age and personality. If you enjoy countryside ride on two wheels with a different appears specially built for you than Herskind-Herskind is there to extend their experienced hand. To be precise they are well known for their versatility in their creation.
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Copenhagen (Denmark)
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51 سالها
Denmark, Copenhagen


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Business Owner
+45 23 32 20 33
Vermundsgade 40B 2100 Copenhagen Ø