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Need help in which institute best for Bachelor of Degree (Biomedical Science) ?

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Hi! I would like to know in this year 2020, is the biomedical course worth the value for studying? I have checked so many university and listed these as the best universities for doing biomedical science degree.
1) Monash University 3years
2) Taylor's University 3.5years
3) Utar 3.5years
4) Mahsa -dual award (by Anglia Ruskin University,UK) 4years

Some of the above uni offer overseas-transfer opportunity.

Of course, Nottingham(3yr)costing RM45K/yr, Segi (3-4yr),NewCastle University(3 yr)~RM40240/ANNUM,IMU~RM111K (3-4yr) also offering BioMed Degree.

Cost wise, definitely UTAR is the cheapest and worth the value as Malaysian is paying about RM50++ for 3.5years degree.
Utar is ranked world top 600 university in year 2020.

For the rest of the university, for you to take this course, you will have to prepare at least approximately RM100K-RM140K.

All of the above universities are MQA accredited. Hence, PTPTN loan is available. Please check with your preferred university for more detail.

For public uni, UM is rated the best in Malaysia. The cost of study is also affordable. About RM1050/Sem. There are 8sem. (4 yr)
UKM will be around RM600/Sem. There are 8sem.
UPM ~RM16250/yr. 8sem (4yr)

--------Shoutout to those who are familiar with this course, in this field or the recruiter from this area, please kindly advise which university should I pick and why ?

I know if I were to choose the cheapest, definitely will go for UTAR. Does it worth?

If there is no cost concern, which university will be the best in term of future career consideration, the value of the degree awarded.

Also, is this degree worth or good for future ? Taking such as salary, career path, value of the degree into consideration.

Please.... please ! Sincere advise~ Thank you!

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