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when anybody came to ksa,company take his passport & submit his case to saudi goverment for his iqama.can any body check online about his iqama status ( make or not) through passport no/medical card no.
reply please.

  • Muhammad Waqas

    lähettäjä  in Saudi Arabia foorumi 

    Who said that there is no way? Yes dear you can check that with ur Kafeel Id number from here http://moi.gov.sa

    Select Arabic
    Then E service
    Then Select Passport from Right side
    Then Select Labour Import List
    Give your Kafeel Id and Search

    if its say (You do not have any sponsored persons within the Kingdom who have not been issued an Iqama yet ) its mean your iqama has been issued other wise it will show ur information

  • Siirry muhaemin thohir:n profiiliin

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    dear you good openion for this cases who mean must pay sr 5000 kafeel or employee ? dear forum pls help me how to find deman letter from saudi to supply any construction from indonesia, pls give information because any agency in saudi only housemaid thay job. but to find skill job like contruction very dificulties, pls give me solusion with this forum

  • chand pasha

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    A S A K,

    Dear Farhan

    I did read your querry and also the openion given by my friends too, yes actually it does not take more time if the paper work is complete, let me tell you my view here
    since the new commer is under probation , the visa has a valid period up to 90 days the sponsorer will wait up to end of this probation period which you are un aware of
    as per the labour law clause withen this probationary period the Employee can be terminated.also in the same way you can also refuse to work if you do not find it suitable but both do not happen since you pay huge sum of amount to the agency to get in here, also the Employer will pay the Visa fees anyhow this to be the reason where normally the EKAMA gets delayed with or with out your knowlege since you will be given a temperory paper to move around on its weight with copy of the passport and visa.i hope its with you right now.so you dont have any problem to move as for opening of bank account , cheque withdrawel , you need the orginal Ekama.
    hope i hav cleared your doubt , you can see some info in the website of Ministry of Interior but not status of your Ekama
    Enjoy your time here in k S A, all the very best and good luck.

  • aneesh varghese

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    nobody cannot get the information about iqama before get ur iqama ur sponsor. iqama takes only one day for renew. some case it will takes one week because labour problems like this. ok.... some cases sponsors will not give our id they will keep in ur hands. that will help us. u no how it will help,,, if baladiya capture us , if we dont have id we will tell them kafeel didnot give id, in this case govt will charge them approxi 5000 sr for fee......so that is a special case....

  • lähettäjä  in Saudi Arabia foorumi 

    No way to check, but normally it will take a week to finish , if not ask your HR,

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