Introduction of Digital Marketing for Business


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As online media ,Kokolevel Blog is organising A short-course programme to learn more about digital innovation and the power of execution, as fundamental tools of ambitious entrepreneurships and start-up thinking.

The training comprises major features of ambitious digital training starting from idea generation and the freedom to think from first principles rather than accepting prevailing wisdom and existing structures. in marketing and sales

It is a fact that digital marketing is of artificial intelligence are constantly impacting society and professional organizations. As a consequence of that, more and more tasks have been taken over by online media supported by digital shape of business This training will expands on the impact that digital tools and social media have been having on our society.

Grow your business sales and revenue faster.

? Get a well-paid job in the digital marketing field.

? Start and grow your digital marketing agency or a freelance business.

? Make more money in dollars as an affiliate marketer.

? Start a profitable online or eCommerce business.

If interested please contact us to enable us Reserve your seat.
Times 9am -1pm

ehimen ighalo
 ehimen ighalo