Playthings - An Affair of Honor Production, Livestreamed Apr 8 - 17

Playthings - An Affair of Honor Production, Livestreamed Apr 8 - 17

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British Columbia, Kanada Kartta

By Nathania Bernabe and Jackie T. Hanlin
An Affair of Honor Production presented by Presentation House Theatre in association with the PHT Creative Hub Co-op

A thrilling, hilarious, and daring tale of mortals and Gods.

Livestreamed Apr 8 – 17.

With the ongoing onslaught of the Trojan War, tensions between the Greek Gods come to a head. Ares and Athena, two Gods of War, vent their frustrations by playing with the lives, deaths, and sanities, of two mortal Warrior-Queens. Plunging the mortals across eras and fight styles, the Gods learn that violent delights have violent ends.


Photo Credit: Playthings cast collage from performances at Edmonton Fringe Festival 2019. L to R: Cole Howard, Jackie T. Hanlin, Nathania Bernabe, Elizabeth Young. Photos by April MacKillins Photography.

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Category: Arts | Performing Arts | Theatre

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Artists : Nathania Bernabe, Jackie T. Hanlin, Elizabeth Young, Cole Howard, Shona Struthers

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