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Didi Builds a Ecosystem of “Digital Economic Life” !

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Digital economy has long penetrated into every corner of the modern society, not only changing the lives of each of us, but more importantly, changing the way the entire society operates! The latest report shows that global digital economy has contributed more than 40% of GDP, and this data will continue to rise in the future! And China has long become the leader of the digital economy: the total scale of China's digital economy has reached 5 trillion US dollars, and its contribution to GDP growth has reached 67.7%.

For digital economy era, digital mode is not only a lifestyle, but also a brand-new form of currency or assets! With the development of technical revolution and diversification of modern society demand, traditional currency and assets has become digital and the source of value! Countries in the world have or are putting digital assets and traditional assets into the same position!

Blockchain technology has contributed to the popularity of digital assets! Its two most important inherent features- security and convenience, which have also become the underlying foundation of the digital economy! In terms of security, the "decentralized" characteristics of blockchain technology endow it with many characteristics such as decentralization, trustlessness, process transparency, and non-tamperability, so as to maximize the security of user data! In terms of convenience, non-tamperability means that the blockchain is always “honest”, and distributed means that the blockchain is always “transparent”, which makes it highly expected to become the “trust machine” of the Internet, and trust is the greatest convenience that can effectively reduce operating costs!

Based on the above two characteristics, the blockchain has set off a revolution for the life under the digital economy. Innovative ecology in various fields has emerged. The new digital platform DiDi integrates the advantages of different ecology to create a tool for the global digital economy! It inherits the brand-new mode consisting of distributed data storage, p2p transmission, mutual recognition mechanism and encrypted algorithm, which guards the data security to a large extent, while offers convenience to the users.

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