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Regarding VISA to Munich

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Hi ,
I am Prasad, Indian Student. I would like to Study In TUM..
I had applied for VISA 2 times It got rejected..
did any body know what are the Reasons for Visa Rejection???
Document wise every thing is OK...
Please help me i am worried lot as my Admission to TUM is on OCT-15-09....


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    When you are rejected they should give you a reason, if you have been 2 times in this process and you have received a negative answer maybe there is something that you are missing or maybe you need to ask what is the issue. Any way I found this:

    The visa is issued when the student is assessed to be a genuine student, who intends to undertake further studies in Germany, abide by visa conditions, and depart on completion of the course. The student should convince the visa officer that his German language skills are adequate for the course he/she is undertaking. That the course is relevant to his/her current academic/ professional status. That he/she will comply with visa conditions and leave Germany after completion of the course. Processing of the visa can take up to eight weeks.

    Hope it helps and keep firm.
    Also Read this link is very important:

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